• Nov,27, 2022

How Does Yoga Help with Aging?

How Does Yoga Help with Aging?

Yoga is an ancient practice that has proven to be more helpful in various aspects of life. It brings together the mind and body through breathing techniques and poses that create strength, awareness and harmony.

People of all ages take up yoga classes with different motives. Ever wondered how yoga can help to make ageing healthier? Studies have proven that yoga can reverse the clock both mentally and physically. 


Here Are Anti-Aging Benefits of Yoga. 

Yoga and Arthritis


Arthritis is characterized by pain in the joints of your hands, wrists, knees or elbows. Practicing yoga is important in reducing joint pains and making them flexible. A regular yoga experience also reduces inflammation. 

Yoga Stimulates the Production of Anti-Aging Hormones in the Brain

Yoga has a variety of asanas one chooses from. The most important one for this matter is mediation. A recent study has revealed that deep mediation has a significant impact on synthesizing the three hormones linked to improved lifespan, stress and well-being. 

As we grow older, our body reduces the production of the DHEA, one of the anti-ageing hormones. By practicing yoga, we provide the body with this hormone and stop it from producing the stress hormone (cortisol).

Yoga Helps Build a More Limber Body


The body seems to grow stiff as we age, setting off a negative domino that yields the effects of pains, aches, injury, exhaustion and many other issues older people are likely to suffer from. Inactivity leads to age-related alterations to the bones, muscles and joints. Regular yoga practice may, however, avoid all this. Yoga helps the body move, extend, and stretch, resulting in a flexible, younger, and limber body.

Yoga Helps to Heal Your Past


Past issues and failures often rob us of the current moment and prospects. Yoga heals the past and hence slows down the ageing process. Through yoga, we realize how the past has helped shape where we are currently while also helping us perceive the truth in the Now. Yoga aids us to realize profoundly that the present moment is all we have by adding youth and vibrancy to life.

Yoga Helps Create a Light Mind


As yogis, we learn to integrate mindfulness and awareness into our daily lives. Most of the time, stress turns harmful, causing our bodies to bear the brunt of it. Stress yields negativity when a person experiences continual tasks without reprieve or easing between obstacles. 

This can lead to high blood pressure, migraines, chest discomfort, and difficulty in sleeping. If not treated early, all these eventually lead to major health concerns. Yoga is utilized to alleviate the distress symptoms by learning to relax in the face of adversity. 

The anti-ageing technique helps our brain to return to its natural state of freedom and lightness. All these can now be accomplished at any age through yoga practice.

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Sarah Williams

Hot Yoga Instructor