• Jan,25, 2022

Important Yoga Accessories

Important Yoga Accessories

Yoga is an important practice for many people. It helps them find balance in their lives, and it is a great way to relieve stress. Yoga can also be challenging enough that it provides a cardiovascular workout. If you are new to yoga or looking for some new items to add to your routine, this blog post will help you out!. We discuss the top 8 accessories that make your yoga experience so much better

Yoga Accessories That Make Your Practice So Much Better 

Yoga mat 

You need a good-quality yoga mat to do any sort of yoga workout. A good mat will provide enough cushion for your joints and keep you from slipping during a hot yoga class or an intense power vinyasa session. 

Yoga towel/props 

A cheap, thin cotton towel is perfect for bringing into a heated yoga studio and using under blocks and bolsters in a more therapeutic class. If you want to purchase some props, look for a yoga strap, block, and bolster set. 

Yoga clothes 

You don’t need to break the bank on pricey yoga clothes, but it is important to wear clothing that will allow you to move freely. Avoid tight pants or shirts; opt for something comfortable and breathable. 

Yoga mat cleaner 

Do not try to clean your yoga mat with just water! Use a spray bottle filled with cold water mixed with tea tree oil, which will sanitize the mat without leaving it too slippery or slimy. You can also use vinegar, but be sure to rinse the mat thoroughly. 

Yoga water bottle 

It can get very hot in a heated yoga studio, so it is important to keep well-hydrated throughout the class. A small plastic water bottle will fit perfectly into your bag, and you won’t have to worry about spilling all over yourself or breaking glass at the entrance to the studio. 

Yoga blocks 

Yoga blocks can be used in several ways to help with your practice. Place them under your hands and feet when doing poses on the floor, or use them as supports when you are in an arm balance or a backbend. Blocks can also make seated poses more comfortable. 

Yoga straps 

You will need a yoga strap if you want to do any seated or standing forward folds. A strap will help you hold onto the pose without reaching as far. Straps can also be used in a number of other ways, so it is a great piece of equipment to have in your arsenal. 

Diffusers or organic oil candles 

While these are not essential yoga accessories, they can certainly enhance your practice. If you have a diffuser, add some lavender or eucalyptus oil to it and enjoy the scent while you are stretching. Or light an organic candle before class and let the soothing aroma fill the room. 

We hope that this post has helped you to see the importance of some key yoga accessories. Your practice can be more comfortable and rewarding by having the right tools. Namaste! 



Sarah Williams

Hot Yoga Instructor