• Dec,08, 2023

Tips To Perfect Partner Yoga

Tips To Perfect Partner Yoga

We think of lovers when we think about partner yoga. The intimacy, the closeness, the perspiration. To take your yoga to the next level, you don't need to collaborate with your lover or girlfriend. A yoga partner or a friend will do just fine. Using a partner to enhance the stretch and push your practice to new places is a terrific way to go. You could surprise yourself.

How Do You Make Partner Yoga Perfect?


Be Clear About Your Intentions


Before beginning the exercise, determine your boundaries and convey them to your partner. When it comes to your partner exercise, you should consider sharing and discussing any particular intents or goals you have with them. 

Inform your spouse if any particular muscles or body regions are sensitive and need to be handled with caution and or they need permission before doing any exercise. The importance of verbal and nonverbal communication in partner yoga cannot be overstated. 

If something feels amazing, speak up! Inform them if you need them to employ gravity to dig deeper. Also, don't be scared to inquire about what is working for them and why it is working for them.


Trust Your Partner


Trust is very important in partner yoga. Don't be afraid to entrust your yoga partner with your life. They want the same things you do: a good stretch, a chance to try something new, and to push themselves to the limit. And who cares if you tumble down? 

Get back on your feet! In any case, it's more enjoyable to fall alongside someone else. A sign of emotional health is the trust you allow yourself to feel when being suspended in the air by someone or pulling away so far that you would tumble backward if you let go. This needs bravery, as well as a little faith in yourself.

You must submit your weight and balance to each other in several partner yoga positions. To be effective in these postures, you must have full confidence in your partner's ability to communicate and support you.


Don’t Compete or Judge


Your partner's body will most likely vary from yours in terms of strength and flexibility. Instead of getting locked in a mindset of judgment and criticism, try to celebrate and accept these differences. 

You may try to equal your partner's skill, but be careful not to introduce a competitive aspect into the exercise. Instead, have a helpful and supportive attitude toward your partner.


Get Moving


When your spouse moves, try to move with them and experience what they're feeling. Consider what would feel amazing in a posture for you, and then assist them in stretching deeper in that manner. Also, move in sync with your breath. Make an effort to synchronize your breath to theirs. Exhale to extend and become deeper, then inhale to raise the leg or joint.


Have Fun


Approaching this activity with a spirit of fun is essential. You will feel shaky and awkward at first, so make it a pleasant and happy experience rather than something serious, stressful, or judgmental.

Sarah Williams

Hot Yoga Instructor