• Nov,27, 2022

Why Yoga is Not Helping You

Why Yoga is Not Helping You

Yoga is a great way to get into shape and improve your mental health. However, sometimes you may be wondering why you are not seeing the results you expected. In this post, I list some of the reasons why yoga may not be helping you.

Top 4 Reasons Why Yoga Isn't Helping You 

You are doing it wrong 

Yoga is a lifetime journey, just like learning the violin or perfecting your golf swing. If you do not take the time to learn how to properly execute all of the poses, then it will be difficult for yoga to help you with anything other than becoming flexible. 

Because the poses are not difficult to do, many people may think that they can just jump in and begin doing them. This is like someone who wants to learn how to play a guitar jumping into playing "Stairway To Heaven."  

Sure it sounds great when you first start strumming those strings but without proper training, your muscles will not know how to do it properly and you will not sound nearly as good. 

You haven't been doing yoga for very long 

Yoga is a lifelong journey, just like learning the violin or perfecting your golf swing. If you are new at yoga, then of course you won't be seeing results right away because it takes time to see improvement in any skill. 

If you just started doing yoga, then I would recommend waiting at least six months to a year before writing it off entirely as not helping you. Some people may write it off because they did not feel an immediate change but this is simply unrealistic and shortsighted of them.  

To expect a huge difference after only a few weeks or months is like expecting to see big muscles after only a few weightlifting sessions. 

You have not been doing it consistently 

If you do yoga once in a while, then don't expect much from them. If your goal with yoga was to improve your flexibility and balance, then this certainly won't happen if you are only practicing inconsistently. 

Like anything else in life, you will only see results if you put in the effort consistently over time. You may not be able to see or feel the changes yoga is making on a day-to-day basis, but if you stick with it for a while, then eventually you will start to notice big differences. 

You do not have any goals with yoga 

In order to be motivated, you need a goal. It may be that your only goal is to feel better and improve your mood but if this is all you want out of yoga then it will become very difficult for them to help. If the reason why you are doing something is unclear then it will be hard for you to stay motivated. 

Without any specific goals in mind, it becomes very easy to lose focus and give up on yoga entirely. If you want to see results from yoga, then you need to have a goal that is clear and defined.  


This way, whenever you are feeling down or unmotivated, you can look at your goals and be reminded of why you are practicing yoga in the first place. 


Sarah Williams

Hot Yoga Instructor