• Dec,08, 2023

How Yoga Relates to the Chakras

How Yoga Relates to the Chakras

Because it aligns with the physical body, yoga is among the most fundamental techniques to balance the chakra. Your subtle body is also rebalanced by balancing and stabilizing your physical body via yoga practice. This realigns the chakras responsible for certain actions, making breaking old beliefs, patterns, and habits easier.

How You Can Incorporate The 7 Chakras in Your Yoga


Root Chakra

This chakra is located in the pelvic floor and is your taproot and earth connection. It keeps you grounded, powerful, and safe. It carries your primal needs for food, sleep, intimacy, and life. Fears and avoidances abound. Muladhara also harbors your most profound latent potential (Kundalini Shakti). Meditation and yoga will help you awaken the dormant power in your roots. Warrior stances, Chair Pose, hip-openers, squats, and deep lunges will assist you to focus on this point.


Pelvic Chakra

Your sacrum houses this chakra. It is your source of water, the location of your reproductive organs, and the source of your cravings. You may access your self-healing and sensual pleasure capacity when your awareness travels freely in this location. Your attachments may govern you if this chakra stays unconscious to your awareness. Hip openers, forward bends, deep lunges, and squats, like the root chakra, assist you in bringing your consciousness to this point.


Navel Chakra

This chakra is related to the element of fire, the digestive system, and personal strength. It is located at the navel. Consider Manipura as the powerhouse of your body's energy since it contains a significant portion of your physical strength. 

You are energized by the energy of change when awareness travels freely in this core. If this region is obstructed, you may suffer imbalances linked with heightened ego, aggressive ambition, and the quest for personal power. The most effective asanas for cleaning and repairing the Manipura are twists.

Heart Chakra

This is thought to be the most potent center in the Himalayan Tantric tradition. The heart with the air element and the lungs is the meeting place for all of your human emotions. The heart may exude compassion, pure love, and entire confidence in the Divine. 

Your darkest fears, disappointments, loneliness, and despair may be radiated. Work on your heart chakra via heart-centered meditation, heartfelt prayer, and pranayama. Backbends also assist open the heart's energy centers.


Throat Chakra

The fifth chakra, vishuddhi, is related to ether. It houses the endocrine glands that regulate metabolism and speech, and hearing. This chakra is all about broadening your spiritual communication to the Divine. Chanting, Jalandhara Bandha, and asanas like Plow, Camel, Shoulderstand, and Fish Pose may help cure and detoxify your throat.


Third-Eye Chakra

The Ajna chakra is the mid-brain. The Pingala nadis and Ida meet here, and the body and mind merge. It is linked to development, pituitary, and growth. 

When relaxed awareness flows here, a sense of being more than a physical body and more inner-knowing is possible. You may cure and cleanse this center using alternate nostril breathing (Nadi shodhana) and meditation.


Crown Center

The crown chakra connects you to everything beyond your unique ego. Everything transcends your desires, linear intellect, and emotional states. It is the wellspring of illumination.


Practicing yoga is a simple and pleasant approach to correct your chakras. You may discover harmony in your mind, body, and spirit by doing meditation and yoga. 


Sarah Williams

Hot Yoga Instructor