• Nov,27, 2022

Tips for Teaching Private Yoga Classes

Tips for Teaching Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga classes are an excellent way to make extra money and teach what you love. Teaching yoga is not always easy, though. Here are some tips for teaching private yoga classes that will help make your experience more successful.

How to Teach Private Yoga Classes: 9 Tips and Techniques   

Know Your Clients   

This is the first and most important step in teaching private yoga classes. Know your students’ abilities, limitations, and needs. This will help you create a class that is safe and appropriate for them.   

Be Prepared   

This goes hand in hand with knowing your students. Make sure to come prepared with a plan for the class. If you have a set sequence of poses, make sure you know it well enough to teach it.   

Know Your Own Limits   

Teaching yoga is not easy, even if your students are experienced with yoga and the postures. You may feel like you’re pushing yourself beyond what's comfortable, but don't overdo it. Yoga should be done at a pace that suits each student, not you.   

Be Flexible   

One of the great things about teaching private yoga classes is that you can be flexible with your schedule and class times. If a student needs to miss a class, try to work something out with them. You may also want to consider offering different types of classes, such as meditation or breathwork sessions.   

Be Patient and Kind   

Remember that your students are there to learn and grow, not to perfect their poses. Be patient with them and help them find their way in each pose. Remember that yoga is about self-acceptance and kindness, both for yourself and others. Teaching private yoga classes can be a rewarding experience if you keep these things in mind.   

Always be Professional   

This is the best thing you can do for yourself and your client. Be on time for your classes, have all of your props and materials ready, and be respectful to your students. Remember that you are in a position of authority and should act accordingly.   

Have Some Evaluation Process   

It is important to know how your students are doing, so have an evaluation process in place. You can do this by assessing their poses or asking for regular feedback from them on the class and your teaching style.   

Understand Your Value   

You want to do your best to make sure you are getting paid what you deserve for teaching private yoga classes. If you feel like the price is too low, have a conversation with the client about it and explain why it should be higher.   

Solve Problems   

Being a problem solver is among the most valuable skills you can have as a yoga instructor. You will face issues such as students canceling class and not following through with payment on time. Solving these problems quickly will help keep your stress level down so that it doesn't affect the rest of your life.   


I hope this article has helped you figure out how to teach private yoga classes. It takes time and effort, but it can also be very rewarding.   

Sarah Williams

Hot Yoga Instructor