• Dec,08, 2023

Personal Observances to Help Deepen Your Yoga

Personal Observances to Help Deepen Your Yoga

As you practice yoga, you may develop the feeling that you have hit the wall. This may be as a result of getting bored or frustrated during the yoga practices. During the beginning of the classes, every other participant begins with anticipation and yearning to learn something new.

The new poses learnt make you feel great and the peaceful nature of meditation intrigues you a great deal. But with time you start feeling bored because of the repetitive cycle of the practice and also that you may have achieved your hit list of the yoga practices. 

The beauty about yoga is that you’ll always get new ways of challenging yourself in the practice. In this article, we will look into the tips to help you deepen your yoga experience as follows: 

At Home, Get into Your Meditation Zone 

To deepen your yoga practice, it is always good to take 10 minutes at home meditating. Stary with 5 minutes as a hip opener. After this got o pigeon sitting, deep lunge down dog, and then a posture of your choice before you go to sit and contemplate.  

As you sit, you should elevate your sitting bones and release your knees to the ground. To achieve this, sit erect on a chair or a meditation cushion. Your shoulder blades should relax and you sit back in your seat, hands facing up. Make sure you are very quiet and then allow whatever that comes up to do so. 


Try your yoga practice as a beginner 

By doing this you will be able to rediscover the motivation you had from the beginning to join yoga. This may be a challenge mostly for those who have already moved over to the subsequent progression in the pose.  

But try as much as you can to connect with the asana at the basic level. This will help in rediscovering the practice for what it meant to you from the beginning.  

Going Slow on the Asana 

Going slow with the asana helps to cultivate and integrate your breath with the asana. While doing this you should concentrate on your breathing such that it begins before the asana. To deepen your yoga, do not rush into your position, just breathe first and then begin to systematically move into it.  

Keep A Journal and Write About Your Practice 

This will help you get to understand yourself fully. After writing the journal make sure you go through it so that you learn what you went through the process of opening your hips and stretching your mind.  

By doing so you will get a better understanding of yourself and the process and thus get deeper into yoga. 


Yoga may often prove to be a boring and repetitive exercise because you often repeat the same process every other time. It is therefore very important that you take the measures discussed above so that you can get deeper into the process.  

This helps develop a novel idea or feeling about the whole process. This will further help you get better at yoga and get better results from the whole process. 


Sarah Williams

Hot Yoga Instructor