• Feb,03, 2023

7 Yoga Asanas for Tight Shoulders

7 Yoga Asanas for Tight Shoulders

Tight shoulders? You are not alone. Yoga is a great way to release the tension and make your shoulders flexible.

Here Are Seven Best Shoulder Opening Yoga Poses


Child’s Pose

This position provides excellent comfort for many parts of the body, particularly the shoulders. You may expand and relax your shoulders by folding over your bowed knees and stretching your hands to the end of your mat.


Make sure your shoulders don't creep up towards your ears; instead, urge them to move down your back. Hold this position for a minute or two to enable the stretch to penetrate your muscles deeply.


Rabbit Pose


This shoulder stretch will relieve lower back stress from the half dog. From Child's Pose, go into Rabbit Pose to relax the rhomboids and shoulders. Interlace your fingers on the mat, just past your dropped head. 

Elbows near ears, forearms on the mat. Inhale and round your back, bringing your hips over your knees and balancing on your forearms. The structure of your arms should support you, not your head. Exhale to return to Child's Pose.



Child’s Pose but Now with a Block


I like to grab a block after the Child's Pose opening and move things to the next level. Then, with hands in front, go forward on the mat, lifting hips from heels. Put your elbows on the block and raise your hands in prayer position.


Start lowering your head between your forearms and sagging your hips. Shoulders will be strained, so go as far as your body allows.


Thread the Needle


Return to your knees. Bring your right shoulder and cheek to the mat by threading your right arm beneath your left arm. It should be lifted. Reach your left arm behind you towards your right hip to work the left shoulder. Repeat on both sides.


Eagle Arms


You may execute this position either standing or sitting on the mat. Put your right elbow beneath your left and wrap your hands around each other. To deepen the stretch, keep the shoulders away from the ears.


Cow Face Arms


Stay in an easy pose with crossed legs this time, or stack your knees for this pose. Reach behind you with your right arm and put your hand between your shoulder blades. 

Reach back with your left arm and attempt to grasp the right fingers. If your hands don't quite touch, take a grip of your shirt's fabric or use a strap. Both sides should practice.


Wide-Legged Forward Bend with Hands Over Head


Take a wide-legged posture or a foot-to-foot stance with bent knees. Fingers should be interlaced behind your back. Bring your hand up above your head and away from your body as you hinge your upper body forward. This position may be strenuous, so be careful with yourself.


Final Thoughts


Listen to your body and be aware of existing injuries or sensitivities as you practice these positions, as with any yoga poses. The shoulders are a sensitive part of the body, and it's crucial not to overwork them.

Sarah Williams

Hot Yoga Instructor