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What to Look for in a Good Yoga Instructor

What to Look for in a Good Yoga Instructor

You've decided to invest in taking yoga classes. But how do you know if the instructor is any good? Here are ten things to look for when deciding on a yoga instructor.

The Top 10 Things to Look for in a Good Yoga Instructor 

Quality of instruction 

How well can they break down poses and offer modifications for beginners, intermediates, or advanced students? A good yoga instructor should cater to all students in the class. 

Experience and credentials 

How long has the instructor been teaching yoga? Are they certified by a reputable organization? Just because someone has been practicing yoga for a while doesn't mean they are automatically qualified to teach it. Look for an instructor with real-world teaching experience. 

Personality and approachability 

Do you feel comfortable around this person? Do they seem to have a good sense of humor? Are they patient? A yoga instructor should be someone you can trust and feel comfortable asking questions. 

Passion for yoga 

Does the instructor love what they do? Do they seem passionate about their craft? A true yogi will be someone eager to share knowledge and help you connect with your body. 

Teaching style 

Do they have a calm demeanor that helps you focus on your practice? You want to find a yoga instructor that will help you learn to be your best, not someone who will put you on edge. 

Knowledge of anatomy 

Can they instruct from an anatomical perspective, so you learn more about how your body works during poses? A good instructor will know how to cue you into alignment and help correct your form. 


How well do they communicate with students? Can you understand what the instructor is saying in class, or do they speak too quietly? You want to find an instructor who can help you learn new poses and explain why certain movements are beneficial. 

Attention to detail 

You want a teacher who is able to provide a complete class. This includes hands-on assists, verbal cues, and adjustments, as well as modifications for each pose. 

Experience with students of all levels 

A good instructor will be knowledgeable about beginner yoga poses as well as those that are appropriate for more advanced practitioners. They should also have the ability to adapt their teaching style to accommodate any type of student. 


This is another important factor to look for in a yoga instructor. Do they come to class well-prepared? Are they organized, and do they have a plan for each class? You don't want to be wasting your time or money with an instructor who is unprepared. 

Bottom Line 

You should feel confident in the person you are choosing as your yoga instructor. Do your research, ask around, and take a few classes before making a commitment. The right instructor can make all the difference in your yoga practice. 

We hope this article has given you some good ideas on what to look for when choosing a yoga instructor. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions. 

Sarah Williams

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