• Jul,12, 2024

Top Yoga Asana to Stretch Your Hip Flexors

Top Yoga Asana to Stretch Your Hip Flexors

While sitting for long periods may cause stress in the back and shoulders, our hips can also get tense. A complicated set of muscles links the femur to the hip joint and stabilizes the pelvis. Here are a few easy yoga positions that you can perform to increase flexibility and loosen stiff hips.

Yoga Hip Stretches to Increase Flexibility


Half Pigeon Pose

Draw your right knee behind your right wrist. To brace your knee, flex your right foot or push it into the ground. Retract your hands by your hips and push your hips forward. If your right hip is elevated, lay a block or cloth beneath it to support it.

Slowly lower yourself to the ground. Your outside right hip should be tingling. If you feel it in your right knee, get up. Cross your right ankle across your left leg and roll onto your back. Make a fist-sized hole in your right thigh with your right hand to increase sensation.


Yogi Squat

Turn your toes out 45 degrees and draw your heels in closer to one another while standing. Squat down and insert your elbows inside your inner knees as you bring your hands to prayer at your chest. To stretch your spine, press your elbows into your knees.

You may wobble from side to side or remain completely stationary. If this is too much for you, prop yourself up with a block or folded cloth under your sacrum. Hold the position for 30 seconds.


Cow Face Pose

In this posture, you sit with your right leg crossed as much as possible over your left leg. At the hip joint, your right thigh is rotated outward. The ankle bone of your right foot is contacting the ground as it lies on its side. Replace the top leg with the left leg.


Runner’s Lunge

From the Downward Facing Dog Position, Reach your right leg high, then take a stride forward with your right foot to the outside of your right hand, palms towards the inside of your right foot. Reach forward with your heart and hips, then lower them to the earth. Make sure your leg is slightly in front of or beneath your knee. A feeling should be felt at the front of your left hip.


Crescent Lunge

Moving into a lunge stance while slipping the left leg backward is the goal of this pose. The earth is lying on the left knee and shin. With the right knee bent, the right leg is in front. As you lean forward into the stretch, you may either extend your hands upward or lay them on your thigh.


Lizard Pose

The downward dog stance is used to begin this yoga practice. Allowing your hips to drop, lift your left foot up and around your left hand. Your left knee is located adjacent to your upper arm on the left side. Hold this hip flexor stretch for a few seconds before doing it on the other side.


Excess hip flexion raises hip complex tension, and the less active you are (, the more you sit), the shorter and weaker your muscles become. Yoga is an excellent technique to improve your body's balance while relieving stress.

Sarah Williams

Hot Yoga Instructor