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Easy Yoga Poses for Two

Easy Yoga Poses for Two

Yoga isn't only about meditation and isolation. Partner yoga may be a great way for friends, significant others, or even random strangers in the park to connect while deepening their yoga practice. Yoga with a partner enhances communication, trust, and connection. It also provides a terrific stretch and aids in strengthening your asana practice.

Easy Yoga Asanas for Two


Partner Breathing/Seated Meditation


Sitting meditation is exactly what it sounds like, starting with one of the basic yoga positions for two. Begin in a sitting meditation posture, ensuring you're facing each other. Close your eyes and relax, noticing and responding to your partner's breath. Try breathing in unison (slowly and deeply) or alternating breaths in a ying-yang pattern (as they breathe out, you breathe in).


Triangle for Two


Another great hamstring stretch is this standing partner yoga posture. Triangle is a simple yoga stance that anybody may do. If you're less flexible, touch your shin or knee instead of your ankle or the floor.

It's crucial not to use your hand to exert pressure, particularly if it's on your knee. You may also raise the floor by placing your palm on a yoga block or a water bottle. Finally, ensure that your rear foot is at a 45-degree angle and that your knees are never locked.


Partner Yoga Tree Pose


The classic pair balancing position is couples tree pose. When you're linked to your lover, balancing becomes much more difficult. To avoid putting pressure on your knee, keep your foot above or below your knee, depending on your flexibility.


Warrior III


Your companion will test your strength, balance, and flexibility in this. To do so, follow these steps: With 4–5 feet between you and your companion, face each other. Lift one leg straight behind you and maintain your hips square to the ground as you extend your arms above and tilt forward at the waist. 

For balance, you and your companion should pick opposing legs. Grab your partner's hands or wrists as you tilt forward, pausing until your torsos are parallel to the ground. Maintain your focus on the ground. Here, inhale and exhale while balancing with your partner.


Partner Boat Pose


Sit with your toes and upper feet touching, facing each other. Grab your partner's forearm with your hand. Slowly bring your feet up, drawing your knees to your chest, ensuring you stay in rhythm with each other. Maintain a neutral spine and sustain the pose until your legs are as straight as they can be.


Cobra backbend


Your lower back will be stretched in this partner yoga practice. It will also extend the shoulders and chest of the individual on the floor. Take it in turns to stand and lie down. Finally, make sure your core is engaged.


Double Downward Facing Dog


This is the point at which we begin to lift things off the ground. Starting in a downward-facing dog posture (one in front of the other), the partner at the front of the chain walks his or her feet and hands back until they are close to their partner's hips. Stabilize your core, both of you. Hold this posture for as long as you can, imitating each other's breathing. Now do it again.


Sarah Williams

Hot Yoga Instructor