• Jul,12, 2024

Challenging Yoga Poses for Two

Challenging Yoga Poses for Two

Yoga for two might be your new favorite exercise if you like the advantages of yoga, such as relaxing, stretching, strengthening, and enjoying being active with people. Partner yoga will test your physical relationship and faith in your partner. Here are some tough yoga positions for two people.

Hard Yoga Asana for Two



This position allows for a deep backbend while improving hip and shoulder flexibility. This pose needs some gymnastics! One person starts by lying in the cobra posture on their stomach. The second partner might approach the posture in one of two ways. 

They may either lie on their backs, with the base partner reaching up and grabbing their ankles one by one. The top participant then bends their hands behind them and pushes up through their arms, grabbing their partner's ankles.

The base starts in the cobra posture for a more difficult entrance and then reaches up with one hand to capture partner 2's ankle. Partner 2 now clasps the bottom partner's ankles and pushes into a regulated handstand, bringing their feet down to come into contact with the base partner's forearms.


Flying Bow

This pose strengthens the base person's lower body while stretching the spine, expanding the chest, and relieving tension in the partner on the top. The flying superman stance may be used to accomplish this pose. 

The base takes a tight grasp on the shoulders of the top partner. This will provide support while the top partner bends one foot and reaches for their ankle. Then, while leaning deeply into the back, he repeats the process on the opposite side.

The base may then let go of the top person's shoulders to generate the flying bow pose if the person at the top keeps stable and the base's feet are appropriately positioned. Alternatively, they may adjust the stance by holding each other’s hands for added balance.


Flying Handstand Scorpion

The base participant is flat on their back, with the soles of their legs resting on the top person's lower glute/back region. The top participant then raises their hands over their heads and gently arches their back, with the intention of placing their arms on the base person's belly.

The base raises and straightens their legs simultaneously as they arch backward, bringing the top person into the 'flying' posture. To maintain the legs in place, the top participant bends into a scorpion stance, hooking their legs under the feet of the person at the bottom. 

This position demands a great deal of balance and strength and should not be attempted quickly. The top person may find it simpler to begin in a flying camel stance, then move to the handstand scorpion.


One Arm High Flying Whale Pose

Begin by holding both legs with both arms, then try one leg at a time. This challenging yoga position for two people will put your core strength and balance to the test. If you need a spotter, seek the help of a buddy.


Yoga for two is a unique approach to strengthening your relationship while increasing muscle. Maintain your emphasis on the connection factor while gradually working your way up to such demanding positions, and remember to have fun!


Sarah Williams

Hot Yoga Instructor