• Jul,13, 2024

5 Ways to Deal with Negative Yoga Teachers

5 Ways to Deal with Negative Yoga Teachers

Have you experienced serious negative energy while on the mat? One of the major throwbacks you can receive is getting your yoga instructions from a negative teacher. This energy can be very disruptive and upsetting. While it is important to deal with instructors experiencing an "off day," it is equally important to understand how to avoid actual "Negative Nancys" entirely.

Here Are Five Ways in Which You Can Handle Negativity in Yoga Teachers 


Contact The Administration


Yoga instructors can significantly affect a studio's culture, and their attitudes may either hinder or help motivate the student's accomplishment. If a teacher's negativity has escalated to the point that it is detrimental to the students, it is necessary to contact the administration. 

Depending on the scenario, they may be able to intervene and mediate. This strategy should be employed just after you've talked with your instructor about their conduct and haven't seen any changes.


Talk to Your Instructor about Their Behavior


This should be the first step you take in handling the teacher. You should understand that negativity is normal, and how you handle it will determine the kind of response you get. It is advisable to talk to your instructor in the company of other students who share the same positive attitude as you. 

You should be free and honest with the instructor, letting him know exactly how you feel and giving him practical examples of the negativity displayed. It would be best to offer solutions and, most importantly, support to overcome their negative behavior.


Learn To Express Your Feelings Properly


It is common to experience negative emotions and thoughts. It is easier to let the bad vibes in for too long when surrounded by a negative yoga teacher. There will always be a right way to let out the bad vibes as you try to build a positive relationship with your teacher. 


Do Not Let Go of Your Positivity


How you manage your emotions significantly influences your yoga sessions, relationships, and, eventually, your yoga teacher. Being able to change negative ideas into positive ones is an important talent. While it may be harder than it sounds, these three strategies are a good place to start.

  • In and out of the yoga studio, surround yourself with encouraging people.
  • Find a creative outlet that allows you to unwind and feel refreshed.
  • Develop the habit of transforming your negative ideas into positive ideas. 


Remember, It’s Not About You


You should remove yourself from that scenario. This is because it’s mostly not about you. It is about the negative teacher. People may transfer their anger to you, but it is typically unrelated to you. Removing yourself from the situation will suppress the urge to feel bad about yourself. 




Negative encounters will continue to occur because they are unavoidable in life, but we can control how we react to them. I hope that these reminders assist you in dealing with those difficult times in your yoga experience.

Sarah Williams

Hot Yoga Instructor