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Hot Yoga Benefits
10 Health Benefits of Yoga
Hot Yoga Basic Tips for Weight Loss
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The Benefits of Chair Yoga

Do you find yourself tense regularly? Have tight joints made it difficult to bend down and tie your shoes? Do you have a fear of falling frequently? If that's the case, chair yoga and seated yoga postures might be a great addition to your daily practice. Read on as we look into the benefits of chair yoga.

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Revolved Side Angle Pose

Revolved Side Angle Pose is a deep, standing twist that challenges your balance and strengthens your legs and core. It's a powerful variation on Extended Side Angle Pose. It also combines the benefits of Warrior I and Crescent Lunge Twist

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Yoga Poses You Can Do with An Exercise Ball

There are many ways to mix up your yoga regimen if you love it. One alternative is to add additional tools to the mix, such as an exercise ball. An exercise ball provides a different type of support for your body, allowing you to improve your balance and flexibility. The following yoga poses can be done with an exercise ball.

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